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Christian Business Directory brings you these Christian history lessons:

August 9, 1788: American Baptist missionary Adoniram Judson, who during his missions work in Burma translated the Bible into Burmese and wrote the first Burmese-English dictionary, is born in Malden, Massachusetts.

August 9, 1883: Robert Moffat, pioneer missionary to southern Africa and inspiration (and father-in-law) to David Livingstone, dies.

August 10, 70: Roman troops, sent by Emperor Vespasian to put down a Jewish rebellion, break through the walls of Jerusalem and destroy the temple. Some said that the event occurred on the same day of the year as the earlier destruction of Solomon's temple by Babylonians.

August 10, 1760: Philip Embury, the first Methodist clergyman to come to America, arrives in New York. August 10, 1815


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