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According to the Book of Exodus in the Bible (Exodus means leaving, because this is the book about the Jews leaving Egypt), the Jews did very well in Egypt after Joseph brought them there, and there got to be a lot of Jews living in Egypt around 1200 BC. But then the old Pharaoh died, and a new Pharaoh came into power, who "knew not Joseph," and who didn't like the Jews. He made the Jews be slaves, and in particular he made the Jews build great buildings for him. The Jews of course didn't like being made into slaves, but what could they do?

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Story of Moses

Then this bad Pharaoh decided to kill off all the boy babies of the Jews. Everyone was very upset! But one mother saved her baby (according to the Bible) by putting him in a basket made of reeds and putting him in the Nile river to float away. His older sister watched as he floated, and saw what happened.

Later that day, the Princess (the Pharaoh's daughter) came down to the water to take a bath with her slaves. She saw the basket and made her slaves get it for her. When she saw the baby she knew that he was a Jewish baby and was supposed to be killed, but she took him home anyway, and she called him Moses, because that means "Saved", and she had saved him. And his sister came and offered to find a nurse to take care of Moses, and the Princess let her, and of course she went and got Moses' mother, so the mother got to take care of her baby son after all!

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